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Thursday, December

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Hello! My name is ZeoSpark! I also go by ZeoSpark16 on other sites, Zero, or simply just Zeo! I am the head bureaucrat on the MarioWiki and I'm very active there! Please me know if you need anything!

Some Stuff About Me
  • My favorite character in video games is Mario.
  • One Piece is my favorite anime is One Piece with Carrot as my bae lol
  • My favorite colors are black, blue and purple
  • I love burgers
  • I'm a furry.
  • Despite my age, I still love cartoons more than anything
  • Corrin is my main in Smash Bros.
  • Speaking of Fire Emblem, that series has my favorite soundtrack in Smash.
  • My favorite Pokemon are both Mew and Lucario.
Other stuff

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About Me

Corrin Female.png
Greetings to all! My name is ZeoSpark and I'm a longtime editor of the Mario Wiki! I've been a fan of Mario since I was really young (like 2 years old) and still an ongoing fan as is! Besides Mario, I am a fan of other video game genres. Other Nintendo game series such as Pokemon, Star Fox, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby etc. And other third-party game series such as Ace Attorney. Naturally, the Super Smash Bros. series is one of my favorite game series and I was lucky to experience the first game right from release.

Besides video games, I'm also a big time anime fan. Of course since I am older, I'm more into anime with a lot of action but I also like anime with a lot of adventure and stories. One Piece will remain as my favorite anime but others like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and the Pokemon anime are very close. I also love more intense/horror anime such as Hellsing, Attack on Titan, and Tokyo Ghoul (do not watch those if you're underaged. I'm just saying I watch those but don't watch yourself if you can't handle gore). However, besides anime, I do still watch cartoons time after time. Ed, Edd n' Eddy will remain as my all time favorite cartoon!

Playing games and watching tv are basically my main hobbies lol. I do also draw, collect Pokemon cards, and other stuff in my past time. Editing this wiki and helping it to improve is another hobby of mine.

My Favorites

Note I will be listing my favorite Mario-related stuff in this section.


My favorite characters in the Mario series are Mario, Waluigi, and Yoshi. Mario has been my hero since day one and I always enjoyed his games from then till now! Waluigi has earned my love because of his wacky and antagonistic personality that reminds me of Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races (my favorite character in that show). He's my main mostly for the Mario Party and Mario Kart games. And last and definitely not least is Yoshi. The adorable dinosaur that can eat almost anything! Yoshi is just so precious and it's cool that he can kick butt at the same time. Like with Waluigi, I main as him in the Mario Party and Mario Kart games (but moreso in Mario Party).


Three games come to mind: Super Mario World, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Super Mario Galaxy.