• Username: Rainbowroad6w
  • Other names: RR, Rain, Rainbow, Rainbowroad
  • User group: Bureaucrat/Head Admin, Rollback, Entertainment Manager
  • Age: I'm an age. Actually, I'm ageless. I live forever. O.O

I am currently the only active admin and bureaucrat on the site. If you have a question, feel free to ask! :)

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Hello. Indeed, as you noticed, I am Rainbowroad6w. You may have heard of me, but most likely not. I work at MarioWiki, Wikipedia, and Sonic Retro, all under the same exact username. At MarioWiki, I am head administrator, rollback, and bureaucrat. At Sonic Retro and Wikipedia, I'm just a normal user. I'm one of the longer lasting users around on Wikia, and was the second longest-lasting, active user on SNN (first being Supermorff), though I have left that wiki. I'm also one of the longest-lasting, completely active users on MarioWiki. So why not I tell you my history?

In 2007, I came to Wikia a lot. I used Wikia as my source of information, other than Wikipedia. I edited things every once and a while, without being an official user. I was just being a "Wikia contributor", as they like to say.

By 2008, I decided I was going to create an account, but I was only 11. So, of course, I technically broke the rules creating my account (as they do say you should be 13 or older to create an account). The first Wikia I contributed at and stayed at for a while was Mario Kart Racing Wiki (which is now merged with MarioWiki) on July 30th of 2008. That is still, to this day, the birth of my username that I use for everything now... Rainbowroad6w.

Later that year, a few months later, I decided to stop editing at Mario Kart Racing Wiki, and moved on to Sonic News Network, which I still work at to this day. Because I came so early on here, I met many admins there that no longer are active that are part of what made SNN what it is today, becoming part of SNN's history. Some of these people are FerralMoodrender, Sonicrox14 (I was the one who greeted her to the site, and she's now a partially active bureaucrat), and Fairfieldfencer. All of these users don't ever appear anymore (with the exception of Sonicrox14 coming on every once and a while), making me one of the only active users that can say he remembered those admins. At SNN, I made many edits, adding many Sonic Riders (which is a game I hate, though I know so much about lol) pages and overall helping the wiki. While at that wiki, I had gone over to MarioWiki a bit and made small edits, which marked my first appearance at MarioWiki. But at the forums, I sometimes did some stupid things and made some stupid comments. I cursed a lot and the admins had given me more than one warning before. After a while, near the end of early 2009, I decided to leave the wiki.

2009. Nothing. I decided to leave Wikia alone. I didn't ever come back that year, I never even read anything. I thought I was done with Wikia. For good. But a year later, on March 21st, 2010, things changed.

March 21st, 2010. I come to Sonic Fanon Wiki. At that time, I loved making fan characters of Sonic the Hedgehog (though I don't anymore). I began making pages of my character, Lightning the Hedgehog (which I've now scrapped and left with other people to edit, if they wish to). Many users greeted me, I was welcome, and I decided to stay for some time. But I didn't think I'd return to SNN or MarioWiki. I thought that stuff was over. I edited and edited, creating more and more pages. But by the end of 2010, the wiki began to somewhat fall apart. Too many people were fighting, too many things were happening, it was becoming much too crowded, and many people began leaving. Many of these people were my best user friends anywhere on Wikia. I began getting bored, and felt that there was no one online to talk to anymore. And I was getting sick and tired of fan characters. I didn't want to make them anymore. I felt that I was done with fan characters. So I made a blog (as blogs were a new thing to wiki at that time) saying I was leaving the wiki, and that it wasn't completely because the wiki was falling apart, but because I thought it was time to move on. But I wasn't done with Wikia.

In late summer of 2010, I created 3 wikis, 2 which have made it pretty far. The first one I created was Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Wiki, which has now merged with MarioWiki. The second one I created was Mario Kart Answers Wiki, which has gotten decently far, but is a quiet wiki that slowly gets answers and questions. The 3rd, which unfortunately never got anywhere, was Wiki of Creations. Wiki of Creations was intended to be a wiki for the people that had original characters that they wanted people to know about. But users were afraid to show the world their character, because they were afraid that someone would take the idea and steal it, as it wasn't copyrighted. So that didn't really happen. For a few months, I edited mostly at Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Wiki, with the occasional answer to someone's question on Mario Kart Answers Wiki, and a few edits on MarioWiki. This made me a little more noticeable on the wiki, and that started something. This is what I did on Wikia for a while, sort of being on my own, isolated from other users. What's this "something that started" you're wondering? On MarioWiki, a user, which, at the time was BassJapas (she later requested from Wikia to have her username changed to Jazzi), told me to come to her blog on MarioWiki to talk about something. Something that changed things for me at Wikia... majorly.

Very late 2010 (possibly early 2011), BassJapas told me that she had an idea with MarioWiki. She told me she noticed I had a wiki called Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Wiki, and wanted to talk to me about it. She said she was thinking about having all the Mario wikis based off of the subseries of Mario (like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Paper Mario, etc.) merged with MarioWiki, and she said she wanted to see if I was ok with merging my wiki with it. I agreed. I was the last one to agree with the whole merging plan, which started the merge. We immediately began on Mario Party Wiki, and I merged faster than almost anyone else, immediately becoming a noticeable and helpful user. I was thanked many times, and became a popular user on MarioWiki. But I didn't want to be on MarioWiki only. I began remember the older "glory days" (as SNN liked to say it) of SNN, and I began thinking about returning. At the same time, I began going to Sonic Retro a lot more, looking at updates the staff made, and becoming more and more interested in the unknown Sonic secrets that they were showing to everyone. And that was what brought me back to SNN.

Nearly the same time, I created a Wikipedia account, after getting bored of being known as anonymous, and wanting to do more things without being restricted to the little things you are able to do as an anonymous user.

In early 2011, I returned to SNN. There were barely any users I knew, and I practically had to make new friends. The only one I remembered that was completely active was Supermorff, and I would every once and a while see Sonicrox14 on. But that didn't disappoint me. I decided I would help a little. And so I did. I began keeping up with Sonic Retro updates and researching myself independently, creating numerous blogs about secret things that were found that no one knew before about Sonic (like a demo game called Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme which developed into Sonic Riders, and a lot of information about Sonic Generations before so much was known about it). Although some would say I'm ultimately a blogger there and not really a mainspace editor, I actually was one of the people that showed much information in my blogs, which other users put into mainspace. So then, I wasn't ultimately a blogger there.

Back at MarioWiki, we had by then finished Mario Party Wiki merging and had gone on to do Paper Mario Wiki and a little bit of Mario Kart Wiki. While a new user at the time, Wattz2000 (now an administrator at MarioWiki), merged Paper Mario articles (and quicker than I was able to, to my surprise), I merged the articles I remembered editing back 3 years ago at Mario Kart Wiki, bringing back memories of my glory days at Wikia. Once Paper Mario Wiki was done, Wattz came and helped me with Mario Kart Wiki, and Mario Kart Wii Wiki and Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Wiki, which are all now done merging with MarioWiki. Therefore, the merge has finished just recently.

Later in 2011, a new feature--chatting--was introduced to Wikia. SNN users begged the admins to turn it on. So then, they did. But there was trouble. Many people were having bad language, many were saying inappropriate things, and many were spamming the chat. This angered some admins, and Kagimizu turned off the chat. This then caused a riot, and we had to make a deal. For a long while we were trying to reason with some of the admins, trying to get them to turn it back on. I talked to Supermorff about reopening up the requests for adminship page. This helped, because once Supermorff reopened it, many people began requesting for chat moderator powers so that the chat could be turned on again and it would be safe. I was one of these people who requested for chat mod rights. And I got them, along with quite a few other users. After making a deal with Kag and a few other admins that the chat would be turned back on after about 5 chat mods were given their rights, the chat was turned back on, and that is where SNN has gone and is currently. So then, I am currently chat mod at SNN and making blogs and edits here and there.

Around the same time, I finally decided to create an account at Sonic Retro. This helped, and I found the user, Guess Who, who was active at the site. Guess Who was the founder of SNN, though he left only 10 edits later.

Returning to my story at MarioWiki, Jazzi (who was known earlier as BassJapas), who had been given admin rights months before, finally declared she was leaving the site. This made Count Caterpie the only admin, and this gave quite a few of the users, including me, the same idea. Wattz, I, and a couple other users requested for adminship. Wattz and I were the two that got those rights, and not even a week after we requested! I ultimately became the "Entertainment Manager" at MarioWiki, being in control of most everything that makes MarioWiki more fun.

On November 25th, 2011, Count Caterpie left me a message. He told me he was leaving the site. And in the message he told me I was taking over for him, becoming the head admin here. Struck by surprise, I told him I'd make sure the wiki stayed in good shape and would become better and better. I suddenly had gone from a normal user that arrived in 2008 to the head of the site on that day.

On December 30th, 2011, I lost my rights as chat mod on SNN. Due to some insults I made, I was demoted. Although many of these insults were actually rumors and never really happened, a couple times I did make insults, and finally got myself demoted. Luckily, I didn't lose my rights to rollback, and still had those (and truth is, those rights I enjoy better anyway).

On September 30th, 2012, I left SNN. I was just done. I had my fun there, and it was time to move on.

In April of 2013, a good user-friend of mine and one other bureaucrat at MarioWiki, Wattz2000, resigned his duties and left MarioWiki. I became the only lasting and active admin and bureaucrat, and one of the longest lasting of any user on MarioWiki.

So then, there you have it. My long history of how I got to this point. Who knows what the future brings. But all I gotta say is, I'm amazed you read this whole thing. I was starting to think you were getting bored! ;-)

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