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Favorite Mario Games

Mario Kart Series

Mario Kart Wii

For getting around ten million copies for one game, this game can speak for iteself. My favorite characters are: Mii Outfit A and B, and King Boo. I am currently inactive (since I can't find the games)

Mario Kart 7

I have this game and love it just as much as Mario Kart Wii. I already got a one-star ranking and a 1800 Vs. Rating.

Mario Strikers Charged:

This game is my favorite Wii game so far. It is very addicting has great effect and also the best music!

Favorite Captains:



Least Favorite Captains:



Best Sidekick:

Koopa Troopa

Worst Sidekick:


Any opinions need to be put on my Talk page, please.

Mario Kart Wii:

This is probably the second or third most favorite game of my list. I am very good at this (probably at the 89% range) game, and know the music and characters by heart. My favorite course is Dry Dry Ruins. My least favorite course is DS Desert Hills, but the hardest one is GBA Shy Guy Beach; especially on Wi-Fi.

Favorite Characters:

Mii Outfit A

King Boo


Least Favorite Characters:

Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Daisy

Baby Peach

Favorite Bikes

Small: Jet Bubble

Meduim: Mach Bike

Large: Shooting Star

Favorite Karts

Small: Standard Kart S

Medium: Wild Wing

Large: Jetsetter

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This game was pretty decent and fun. I usually played this with my sister, so it was very enjoyable. I have unlocked World 9-1 only in the game; meaning I collected the Star Coins for all of World 1. My favorite world is World 4, the jungle theme is pretty interesting.

Wikia Sites and Me

I am on currently

McleodGamingWiki (around110 edits)

One Piece Enclyopedia aka One Piece Wiki (75-80 edits)

Mario Wiki (40 edits)

Kirby Wiki [Favorite Kirby Ability: Beam] (around 20 edits)

Avatar Wiki [As in Avatar: The Last Air Bender] (?)

TheSuperGamingWiki (Close to 500 edits)

DragonBallWiki (10 edits)

HetaliaWiki (1 edit)

Sonic News Network (1 edit)

I am also on SSB Wiki


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