Junior Boiii

aka Cinderace

  • I was born on March 20
  • I am male
  • Bio "I wanna be
    the very best.."
    Oh wait, wrong franchise... I love video games (especially Super Mario) and enjoy watching anime. I'm currently training to be a content moderator (on the Mario Fandom).

    Also, don't take my name seriously 😅 I was already a fan of Bowser jr. since Super Mario Sunshine came out.

    I love Nintendo games (as you've probably noticed...) and I love to draw them on paper and sometimes digital. I sing and dance as well (don't ask) and spend lots of my time on doing something that has to do with Mario.

    Also, I don't know if this is useful for you to know, but I'm depressive and lonely since 6th grade up until now. I'm glad to be here on this wiki. Please accept me like I am and pls don't tease me that I would be a little kid just because of my Username (which I'm going to change once I've come up with a new one)

    My lack of knowledge of the Internet is because I've never been that much exposed too it. I was much more on my old Wii than on the laptop. And, worst of all, Discord is not compatible with my phone, computer etc.
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About me
Hey! I am a big fan of Super Mario. I adore this franchise, and I can't get enough of it. Really! I am a really introverted person who loves anime, video games, drawing, etc. I've grown up with Mario, and also love this community. 
Favorite websites

  •  Mario Wiki
  • Hunter X Hunter Wiki
  • Harry Potter Wiki
  • Youtube (;
My Top 3 Favorite Characters My Top 3 Favorite Games

I can't decide. I love all of them. I do have some characters I hate though. I think Chain Chomps are just annoying, those baby chain chomps from Super Mario Sunshine even more. Bullet Bills too. I could write a list of annoying enemies, but I'm too lazy 😅

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