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Favorite Character's Photos

Bowser Jr.'s photos

As you can see, I am a huge fan of Bowser Jr., so I'm collecting photos of him.

Amadeus Wolfgeist's photos

Since I am a huge fan of Amadeus Wolfgeist, I take plenty of screenshots of him!

About me

Hi, everyone! I have been editing on Mariowiki since December in 2019, I care about Mariowiki a lot so I will try my best to help.
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My Top 3 Favorite Characters My Top 3 Favorite Games

Favorite Videos


Tech-Savvy Koopalings

Each Koopaling has to do an ultimately simple task - shutting off the computer. However, it seems like there are plenty pf ways to shut off a computer.


Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii - All Bosses

I love the bosses in this game although it is unofficial.


Evolution of - Larry Koopa In Super Mario Bros. Games

I love Larry

Favorite Musics


Boss - Kruller - Luigi's Mansion 3 Music Extended OST

Kruller's battle music.


Amadeus Wolfgeist Piano 1 - Luigi's Mansion 3 Music Extended OST

I love this music, it is played by Amadeus.


King Bowser 's Music


Rosalina in the Observatory 1-0

This music makes me think of Rosalina.


Bowser Jr. sings a song!

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