The Underwhere Road is a dark and mysterious road full of darkness and, of course, underhands it is featured in Super Paper Mario. It serves as the main setting for Chapter 7-2.


Chapter 7-2: The Seal Doors Three

Mario, Luigi, Tippi, and Luvbi all head onto Underwhere Road to continue their journey to The Overthere. Along the way, Mario and the others are forced to answer questions from Dorguy the First who tends to veer them off course. After clearing through the first guard door, Mario and the others spot some D-Men who are standing near a locked door afraid to contain the beast inside. Mario agrees to fight the monster and the monster turns out to be Bowser. Bowser thinks that Mario is trying to hide Peach away and fights him in a battle. Once again, Bowser is defeated but soon rejoins the party after hearing that Peach is really missing. Using Bowser's fire breath, Mario and the others make it through the next area and eventually past Dorguy the Second. Eventually, Mario has to do a quick sidequest for Hagra to get her Diet Book from a D-Men. After getting the key and heading for another area, the group meets up with the final guard door Dorguy the Third. However, unlike the other Dorguys, Dorguy the Third doesn't give questions but sicks the Underchomp at Mario and his group. After defeating the Underchomp in a RPG classic battle style, Mario and the others escape from Underwhere Road and arrive at the Overthere Stair.

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