Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 is a good example of an underwater-themed stage.

Stages, levels, or areas with an underwater theme are levels, as stated, that mainly take place underwater. They are often most of the most reoccurring themes in the series.

Other Traits and Features

One of the most main features of underwater-themed stages is that the majority of the stage itself takes place underwater. However, in certain games and cases (like 2-D platformer games), underwater stages are often completed on land. As an underwater-themed stage takes place underwater, the player can only swim throughout the stage and cannot attack by jumping on enemies. Instead, they must either use Fire Flowers or a Yoshi to defeat enemies or just try to avoid the enemies altogether

As for the enemies of underwater stages, two of the most common and reoccurring underwater enemies of the series are Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers. There are often many types of these enemies to the rather annoying Rip Van Fish and tricky Blooper Nannys. As the series progresses, more and more different types of underwater enemies have surfaced to give the player trouble such as Porcu-Puffers, Bubbas, and Torpedo Teds. As for the harzards of underwater stages, one of the most common hazard of underwater stages (besides the enemies of course) are whirlpools. In certain levels, whirlpools can be seen spinning over a bottomless pit attempting to drag a player down under. If the player fails to swim away from the whirlpool, then they will be dragged down into a pit and lose a life (even if a Starman is in affect). Another common hazard would be brick blocks blocking a certain path and a player must avoid a chasing enemy to stay alive.

Another thing that should be noted about underwater stages is that, in some games (mainly the 3D Mario games), the player will lose air the longer they are underwater. They player can restore their air life meter by either collecting coins or swimming into some air bubbles (which the latter only occurs in the Super Mario Galaxy games). In general, underwater stages are very common in the series and will often be visited. Underwater themed stages also tend to go along coastal themed stages.


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