The Ultra Stone is a key item that appears in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Paper Mario

The Ultra Stone can be obtained from Raphael the Raven after he and his Ravens finish building the zip line that leads Jade Jungle to Mt. Lavalava. With the Ultra Stone, Mario can now upgrade his partners to the Ultra Rank increasing their HP, attack power, and gives them newer moves. Note that Mario must locate the Super Blocks first and his partners must already be at the Super Rank.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Ultra StoneTTYD.png

An Ultra Stone appears in this game under the ownership of Merlon. However, Merlon has forgotten he as owned one and Mario must bring him the Up Arrow to remind Merlon of the Ultra Stone's existence (the Up Arrow can be found in Hooktail Castle behind a cracked wall in the spiked ceiling room requiring Admiral Bobbery to blow up first). With the Ultra Stone back in his possession, Merlon replaces his regular crystal ball with it and now can upgrade Mario's partners to the Ultra Rank for three Shine Sprites.


  • The Ultra Stone shares its sprite with the Crystal Ball except for a different color.

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