Ty-Foo Flurries is the fifth level in World 6 of Super Mario 3D World.


The level features floating clouds called Ty-Foos, who can blow air, and push you off cliffs and other areas. The level also features the Walleyes and Goomba in snow shows.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: The first Green Stars can be reached by going to where you see the Ty-Foos next. Simply jump on top of the two item boxes, stand on the second one, jump up to make a block appear, then jump on top of that to get the star. Ty-Foos may blow you off if you're not careful!
  • Green Star 2: After the checkpoint flag, grab a Goomba show, and slide over some spikes to reach a Mystery Box. To get the star, finish the race in a Goomba show in the time given to reach the second star.
  • Green Star 3: The final star is not far from the second one, but trickier to get. You must time your jump down an area where the wind will blow up and down. The star is located near to the center of the pit.


Ty-Foo Flurries Stamp.png

The stamp is located at the beginning. Go to the ice pond, and get a Goomba shoe (Or use an Invincible Leaf) to get across the Spikes and grab the stamp at the end.