The Twisty Trials Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2, located in World S. It contains many floating blocks of wood, many of which are rotating. There are also three rotating gears. It is a remaster of the Secret of Ricco Harbor level from Super Mario Sunshine.


Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

This level is very similar to the Secret of Ricco Harbor level from Super Mario Sunshine. Mario or Luigi must jump on the various rotating wood blocks and gears to get to the Power Star at the back. The major differences between the level in Super Mario Sunshine and the level in Super Mario Galaxy 2 are the addition of Star Bits, a Comet Medal, and a Cloud Flower.

Turning Turning Double Time

This level is the same as Spinning and Spinning and Spinning, except the blocks and gears move twice as fast and the Cloud Flower is absent, and instead replaced with Yoshi. Tons of new 1-Up Mushrooms are scattered throughout. The Power Star is now on a new section, above the last rotating block. Curiously, this is only one of the two Double Time Prankster Comets that appear.

Green Star Missions

Both Green Stars are found in Spinning and Spinning and Spinning.

Green Star 1

The first Green Power Star is found to the upper right of the third rotating block and can be collected using the Cloud Flower.

Green Star 2

The second Green Power Star is found to the right of the second rotating block after the gears. It must be collected using the Cloud Flower.


This level is extremely similar to the original level in Super Mario Sunshine.

Starting Area

There are four slowly rotating blocks with colorful ends that stick out to push Mario. There is a Cloud Flower above one of them. Mario will then find a stable platform with another 1-Up Mushroom and Star Bits on the top. There is a Checkpoint Flag and Yoshi here in the comet star.


There are three rotating gears that move at different speeds.

Second Rotating Block Section

There are more rotating blocks, now slanted diagonally for an extra challenge. There is another Cloud Flower and the Comet Medal in this area. The first star is at the end of this section.

Secret Rotating Block Section

This is a section only appearing in the comet mission. It has four new rotating blocks that move at very fast speeds. The second star is at the very end of this.


  • The nails that Mario could Ground Pound into the ground in Super Mario Sunshine are either stuck in the ground or broken, as they do not move in this game.
  • There is a Hint TV here that shows that this galaxy can be beaten without spinning, which could be a reference to the fact that the original level took away your support (F.L.U.D.D).