The Twilighters are species that appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Physical Appearance

The Twilighters are normally seen as characters that have green skin and yellow eyes. They also have brown hair and wear ragged clothes.


The Twilighters live in Twilight Town where they enjoying living in the dull and dark. They claim to be humans, although, they have no physical appearance to them. The Twilighters were once plagued with a bell that turns them into pigs. It was then revealed to be Doopliss' doing claiming since the Twilighters love to wallow in their own depression, they will wallow in mud instead. After Mario defeats Doopliss, the Twilighters can then live in peace without the worry about being turned into pigs.

Notable Twilighters

  • Mayor Dour: The Mayor of Twilight Town. He is one of the first characters of Twilight Town to greet Mario and tells him that someone or something had cursed the town. After Mario defeats Doopliss and retrieves his body, Mayor Dour apologizes to Mario for thinking Doopliss was really him and allows Mario to visit Twilight Town anytime.
  • Shopkeeper: The owner of the Twilight Town Item Shop. She was angry at her husband for going out to Twilight Trail alone but was horrified that he came back as a pig. She then allows Mario into the storage room after he has find the key laying around.
  • Darkly: A Twiligther that lives in Rogueport. He can be found behind a fake wall just behind Merlon's house. He allows Mario to enter Twilight Town by writing his name on his pants. Darkly is also the only Twilighter to have left Twilight Town in awhile.
  • Eve: A Twilighter that is the mother of three children. She was also involved with Podley, the bartender of the Inn in Rogueport but he didn't have much feelings back for her. Eve is also the tallest of the Twilighters seen in the game.
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