The Twilight Shop is an Item Shop that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The Twilight Shop is located in the eerie Twilight Town and is run by couple of Twilighters. However, during the first visit, the wife believes her husband has been turned into a pig and doesn't open the shop. However, it turns out later that the pig wasn't her husband. There is also a Black Chest located in the storeroom. The Twilight Shop is also known for selling Life Shrooms. It costs a pricy forty coins, however.


Image Item Price
Life Shroom Life Shroom 40 coins
Maple Syrup (TTYD) Maple Syrup 20 coins
Spitepouch Spite Pouch 10 coins
StopWatch PMTTYD Stop Watch 30 coins
Super Shroom Super Shroom 15 coins
Thunder Rage Thunder Rage 20 coins


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