Tutankoopa is a character that appears in Paper Mario who serves as the main boss of Chapter 2.


Tutankoopa is a unique-looking Koopa Troopa who has blue eyes. He also wears pharaoh-like clothes with a small Chain Chomp on his head.


Tutankoopa is a pharaoh and minion of Bowser who invaded Dry Dry Ruins. His voice is heard the second Mario enters the Ruins. Throughout the level, he continues to warn Mario to turn around and leave or else he'll suffer a horrible fate. When Mario finds Tutankoopa, they battle in order to save the next Star Spirit, Mamar. After Mario and his partners defeat him, an outraged Chain Chomp comes out, snapping at Tutankoopa. Even though he tries to calm it down, it chases him into a cell. In the credits of Paper Mario, Tutankoopa is seen numerous times still being chased by the Chomp.


In battle, Tutankoopa's primary attack is throwing empty Buzzy Beetle shells at Mario which deals 3 points of damage each. However, Tutankoopa only has three of these shells and once he has used them up, he will switch to his next main attack which is the magic spell attack. Tutankoopa summons a large image of a Chain Chomp and it will either damage Mario and his partner for 2 points of damage each (which will knock out Mario's partner for two turns) or damage Tutankoopa himself instead and knock him off of his pedestal. When Tutankoopa's HP gets low, he will summon Chain Chomps to aid him in battle.


Since Tutankoopa is on his pedestal for most of the battle, Kooper should stay out this fight as he can only attack ground enemies. This leaves only Goombario and Parakarry; however, Parakarry would be the better choice since his Shell Shot move deals a lot of damage. Mario should use his Power Jump move to deal damage to Tutankoopa. Tutankoopa's magic spell attack is technically luck-based so there is no real strategy to avoid that move. If Tutankoopa does get hit by his own spell and lands on the ground, Mario can conserve FP by using his recently acquired Super Hammer. Ignore the Chain Chomps that Tutankoopa summons to battle as defeating one will only cause Tutankoopa to summon another.


Chomp Attack


Goombario's enemy tattle: {{{name}}}
This is Tutankoopa. He's one of Bowser's followers and he's been assigned to

guard one of the Star Spirits.

I've heard that he has sort of a pharaoh complex.
Max HP: 30, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
He attacks by throwing shells from that high perch.
Try to avoid when he uses magic: its attack power is 2 and it'll sting for


And he also summons Chomps, his loyal subjects. Those Chomps have some serious

attack power.

Think hard about who to attack first, Tutankoopa or Chomp.