The Turbo Nozzle is an item in Super Mario Sunshine that Mario can found and used in each of the worlds, and can eventually unlock in Isle Delfino Plaza to access places such as a hidden Secret Level at the Delfino Police Station. It causes Mario to move around on the ground or in the water at incredible speed once it is fully charged until Mario hits a wall or runs out of water in the F.L.U.D.D. pack if used on land.

This Nozzle is not available from the beginning of the game, though. In order to obtain it, Mario must chase Shadow Mario around Delfino Plaza. Once spraying Shadow Mario enough times, he will give up and gives Mario the Turbo Nozzle. Mario can then get a secret Shine Sprite by blasting through the doors of a building using the Turbo Nozzle's ability. The Turbo Nozzle can be found in any gray-colored box with the Professor E. Gadd logo on it.


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