Tumble is a major character that appears in Mario Party 3. He takes over as the main host for mini-games and is the one that explains the settings for the games.

Physical Description

Tumble is a small creature whose head is covered by a blue Dice Block, similarly to a Mushroom cap on a Toad. It wears red shoes and its hands are covered up by white gloves. It appears to have absolutely no body, instead its hands and feet are suspended below its head.


It appears to possess the power of levitation, as it is always seen hovering next to the Millennium Star in the game.


Mario Party 3

Tumble was the host of the mini-games in Mario Party 3, while Millennium Star hosted story mode. In a battle royal, Tumble tells the players where the next star is located, as well as tells the mini-game descriptions for non-battle or duel mini-games.

Mario Party Advance

While the Millennium Star was not present, Tumble will host the main game. He appears on mini-game spaces and even announces mini-games, he gives the player the amount Mushrooms he promises to give.

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