Tubba Blubba's Heart, as its name implies, is the heart belonging to Tubba Blubba. It is red and hairy, and is the body part that Bowser removed from Tubba Blubba in order for him to become invincible. He appears as one of the main villains of Chapter 3 in Paper Mario.


Hiding in the Windy Mill, the heart dictates the actions of Tubba Blubba as though he was a puppet. However, Mario discovers the hairy heart thanks to the key he finds in Tubba Blubba's Castle. After fleeing from the castle and making his way to Windy Mill, Mario and the Heart battle each other, only to have Mario defeat the fiend.

When the Heart's HP reaches five or lower, he flees the battle, yelling "Owwwweeee! Oh, I'm hurting! I have to get out of here!" Mario subsequently chases the Heart, and upon his exiting of Windy Mill, Tubba Blubba and his Heart reunite.

Tubba Blubba's Heart is seen in the parade at the end of the game, chasing his body when three Boos carry Tubba Blubba away.


Tubba Blubba's Heart
Tubba'sHeart PM
Tubba Blubba's Heart sprite.
HP 50
Attack 6 (Tackle)
12 (Micro heart attack)
Defense 0

In battle, Tubba Blubba's Heart only attacks in two ways. It's first and main attack is to simply charge into Mario that deals 6 damage. His second attack involves him charging up then unleashing tiny hearts onto Mario that will squeeze him and deal a massive 12 damage.


Bow is greatly needed for this fight. Not only she can deal high damage to the heart without wasting any FP but she can also use her Outta Sight move to help Mario dodge Tubba Blubba's Heart charged up attack. Since Tubba Blubba's Heart is on a small pedestal, Mario can only hurt it with Jump or Hammer Throw attacks.


Tubba's Heart

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Ghost Gulping

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