The Tropical Wigglers (シマハナチャン lit. Isle Wiggler?), are a species resembling large real-world caterpillars. They first appear in Super Mario Odyssey.


Tropical Wigglers, different from their initial incarnation in Super Mario World, are depicted as large, yellow, blue, and red caterpillars with large brown noses, with no small flower on their head, wearing shoes. Tropical Wigglers also have orange spots scattered throughout their bodies, and spikes on each section of their body.


They are not aggressive, and are in fact described with such terms as "genial" and "pleasant;" however, their spiked bodies can still cause them to unwittingly damage Mario.

They move by stretching their bodies outward before contracting, much like an inchworm. They often do this across pathways; this, combined with their coloration, has earned them the nickname "traffic lights of the island." According to Bonneter biologist, they stretch their bodies like an accordion.


When Mario can take control of a Tropical Wiggler, he will be able to extend himself to a certain length in any direction; however, the front or back segments of his body must always be resting on solid ground, for as soon as Mario reaches his full length, his body will contract, and if he is not standing somewhere firm, he will fall.