Triple Dip is a badge that appears only in Paper Mario.


In the game, Triple Dip allows Mario to use three different items during each of his turns. Like Double Dip, this does not use up Mario's partner's turn nor can it be used to use multiple attacks, such as a hammer attack, each turn. This badge costs four Badge Points to wear, and six Flower Points to use.


The badge is found in a secret area of the Crystal Palace. Inside of the palace, there is a room with part of the mirror on a pedestal that turns around when one of the two nearby (one in the background and one in the foreground) Red Switches activates. In the top area (AKA: background) of this room, Mario must use Bombette and blow up the upper right wall. In doing so, Mario blasts a hole in the wall thus allowing him to proceed onward. In the next room, there is a Duplighost that moves in the same pattern of the Clubba on the other side (which Mario can easily avoid!). On this side of the room, however, there is a treasure chest which contains the Triple Dip badge.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, this badge is not featured. However, Mario can use its effect by wearing two Double Dip badges. The attack name is still titled "Triple Dip."

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