Trip Navigator is an unlockable Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party.


The goal is seen at first, then the camera pans to the players' screens. The players prepare before the minigame starts.


There is an icon on the bottom-right corner that shows the distance between the player and the goal. If players slip on a Banana Peel, they are stunned for a second. The first player who reaches the end of the goal wins the minigame. The player on first and second place does their victory animation while the third player does their neutral animation, the last player who also reached their will also do their neutral animation.


The winner does his/her victory pose on top of the goal again.


  • NS Stick – Move

In-game description

  • "Find your way to the goal in the center!"
  • "If you can't find the path, charge through even if you fall down!"
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