Trick Trap Tower is a level of World Castle in Super Mario 3D World.


Trick Trap Tower is a level that makes the player climb two towers.

The first tower has Parabones and Thwomps within the interior and some lifts and a see saw. The Stamp and the first two Green Power Stars lie here. Three Magikoopae lie at the top, guarding the second star.

The second tower has Fizzlits inside. Just outside the main door at the base lies a dormant Warp Block. The block's key coins are inside the tower. After you grab the coins inside the tower's interior, it will start to collapse as gas will come from its ceiling and the you must run to the bottom into the now-active Warp Block to move on. The last stretch is at the top of the second tower, which is just moving toward the Flagpole. There are lifts that provide a way to the flagpole's top.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: Just before the second platform of the first tower, collect a bell from the mystery box. Climb over the platform to the wall on the left, and climb to reach the green star. Just above is a Stamp.
  • Green Star 2: At the top of the first tower there are 3 Magikoopas. Defeat the 3 Magikoopas and a green star will appear.
  • Green Star 3: In the second tower, there is a small row of breakable blocks on the way up. In cat form, break these with your claws and crawl through the now revealed hole behind the pillar. There will be a star there for you to collect. This star becomes inaccessible once you grab the last Key Coin.



Trick Trap Tower Stamp.png

Above the first green star, there is a cloud platform on which the stamp is located.