Treasure chests are objects that appear throughout the series. They are first seen in Super Mario Bros. 3.


Paper Mario series

In Paper Mario, Treasure chests are found throughout the Mushroom Kingdom where they usually contain items such as important items or even badges. Some Treasure chests are located in plain sight while others are often found hidden. There are also large Treasure chests that contain the Boots and Hammer upgrades for Mario (which contain the Super Boots, Ultra Boots, Super Hammer, and Ultra Hammer). These large Treasure Chests are found in Dry Dry Ruins, Boo's Mansion, Mt. Lavalava, and Toad Town Tunnels.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the Treasure chests role has unchanged still containing items and badges. The large Treasure chests containing the Boots and Hammer upgrades return as well. The player can find large treasure chests in The Great Tree, Glitzville given as a gift from X, Riverside Station, and Rogueport (which requires the Ultra Boots from Riverside Station to get to it). Also, there are darker versions of Treasure chests called Black chests that contain the souls of the Four Heroes trapped and turned evil.


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