Trashures are a treasure-chest like enemy that appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story in Dimble Wood. Trashures are one of the many range of enemies that are partially resistant to fire, only taking little damage from it despite their wooden body.

Trashures attack by throwing objects at Bowser with them being a cannonball, a Scutlet or a golden hammer. Bowser must counter the items by punching it in the air so it may land on the Trashure.

Sometimes, Trashures throw out coins or a Mushroom which heals 20 HP of Bowser. If Bowser punches a coin, however, it doesn't land on Trashure, but if he does it to a Mushroom, the Trashure has 20 HP of it healed.

When the Trashure is close to fainting, the lock on its mouth breaks open and multiple coins are then found inside. Bowser can then either inhale all the coins or just continue attacking in order to defeat the Trashure. Trashures also flee a lot during battle, more than likely when it's alone.

Mario and Luigi can battle this enemy in a similar fashion by simply defeating the enemy and can also counter its attacks with their jump. They cannot gain any coins from this enemy unless it throws some at them.

They also have a subspecies called Dark Trashures which are found in the fawfulized version of Princess Peach's Castle.


  • The enemy's name comes from the terms "trash" and "treasure", also referencing the phrase "One man's trash is another man's treasure."