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It CAUGHT me!? I can't get away!
Cappy caught in a Trapeetle's grasp.

Trapeetles are enemies appearing in Super Mario Odyssey. They reside in the Lost Kingdom, and are encountered when Mario and his friend Cappy search for Power Moons to repair the crashed Odyssey. Trapeetles earned their name from a pun on "trap" and "beetle." True to the "trap" in their name, trapeetles will counterattack Mario's Capture ability by catching his hat, which Cappy is possessing. After it does, the trapeetle will dash in Mario's direction, damaging anyone it collides with. After it dashes, it self-destructs, and Cappy can make his way back to Mario.


  • In their brochure description, the trapeetle's explosive behaviour is a tragic display seen absolutely nowhere else in nature.
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