Training Barrels are barrels that host a series of minigames played by Donkey Kong in the game Donkey Kong 64. These minigames are meant to help train the player in using a tad more advanced controls such as swimming, throwing oranges, barrel tossing, and vine climbing and swinging. Unlike the rest of the minigames in the game, completing each one doesn't yield a Golden Banana but Donkey Kong does receive the Simian Slam potion from Cranky Kong.



In this minigame, Donkey Kong has sixty seconds to collect the single coin underwater. This mini-game is rather easy and is meant to teach the player how to swim properly. This will help in future levels such as Gloomy Galleon.

Barrel Tossing

In this simple minigame, Donkey Kong needs to toss and destroy five barrels within the 60 second time limit. This is meant teach the player how to toss barrels as some boss battles in the game requires barrels to be tossed into them.

Throwing Oranges

In this minigame, Donkey Kong has to throw five oranges to complete the mini-game. The player must be careful as the oranges tend to bounce around unpredicatably (when there is no enemies around) and explode on contact. This is to teach how to throw oranges as they are strong weapons effective against strong enemies.


In this minigame, Donkey Kong has to climb up a tree and swing across three vines to collect the coin within the time limit. This is meant to teach how to swing as many important things can be acquired this way.


  • The barrels that are used for the minigames are different from all the rest as they have Cranky's face on them instead of a Golden Banana.