The Toy Monster is a mini-boss that appears in Donkey Kong 64. It is composed of smaller toy enemies and is fought in the R&D Room of Frantic Factory. This boss is fought by Chunky Kong.


In battle, the Toy Monster moves around at a rather quick pace. Due to its size, Chunky must transform into Hunky Chunky to battle the monster. The Toy Monster only attacks by punching but it's very accurate in its attacks.


The best strategy to battle the Toy Monster is to use the hit-and-run tactic. If Chunky just stands in one spot attacking the Toy Monster with quick punches, the Toy Monster will only strike back with a punch of its own guaranteeing a direct hit. Do not use the Primate Punch in this fight as the Toy Monster takes minimal damage from it and the lag from using the attack leaves Chunky wide open for a punch. The arena is fairly large so hitting and running is the best tactic. After defeating the Toy Monster, Chunky is awarded with a Golden Banana.


  • The Toy Monster is one of three bosses in the game that must be battled as Hunky Chunky. The other two are Dogadon and King Krusha K. Rool.
  • Like with Mad Jack, it is unknown if the Toy Monster is working with King K. Rool or not. Due to it guarding a Golden Banana, it can be assumed it is.


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