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Tox Box Shocks is a mini game that appears in Mario Party: Island Tour. It is the only time Tox Boxes appear in the game. Its music theme is the panicky Danger Closing In, which also plays in other panicky games such as Mind Over Mattermouth. In the mini game's intro, two Mushroom Retainers are playing the game. One gets smashed as the Tox Boxes begin their assault, while the other retreats.


To win, the player must avoid the Tox Boxes's assault for as long as possible. The Tox Boxes do not follow a predetermined route unlike in their incarnations in the platformer games. Players earn a point every second they survive. If they get smashed, they stop earning points. The maximum score is 60 points, and if a player survives long enough for that score, the game ends and the remaining players share the victory. After 30 seconds, another Tox Box shows up and the Tox Boxes's speed increases.

In Other Languages

The mini game's name unique, and perhaps serves as a warning to Tox Boxes. In Japanese, it is called "Onimasudon Kara Nigero!", which means "Run away from the Tox Boxes!", as Onimasudon means Tox Box in Japanese. In Spanish, it is referred to as "El Terror Cajuelo" (Tox Box Terror (El Cajuelo means "Tox Box")). In Portuguese, it is called "Piernas Para Que Vos Quiero", which is a Portuguese phrase used for a need to run fast. In Italian, it is called "Occhio Aos Don Boxes" (Eye on the Don Boxes (Don Box means Tox Box in Italian). In French, it is called "Temple De Blotoc", meaning Tox Box's Temple, as Blotoc means "Tox Box" in French. In Dutch, the mini game is called "Tox Box-Tikkertje" (Tox Box Tag; Tikkertje means "tag" in Dutch.). It is referred to as "Tox-Box-Trampelei" (Tox Box Trample) in German.

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