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The Tough Possessor is the sixth boss in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and the second boss of the Treacherous Mansion. It is fought in the Paranormal Dimension. After making his way there, Luigi attempts to grab the final Dark Moon shard, but the Tough Possessor takes it away from him. He then possesses the suits of armour.


The Tough Possessor is a tall, white ghost with five horns and a Dark Moon piece where his heart would be.


The battle takes three stages involving suits of armor.

Stage 1

The Tough Possessor possessing two suits of armor.

The Tough Possessor splits in two and possesses two suits of armor. The armor rush Luigi and try to crush him with their weapons. Luigi must lure them onto rugs in the middle of the room, and use the Poltergust 5000 to pull them up from underneath, causing the armor to break and the ghost to fall out, reformed. Afterward, it will charge Luigi, but will be stunned after crashing into the wall. His charge also unleashes energy beams that deal damage. These can be avoided by stepping out of their flight path. Luigi can then flash and suck up the ghost.

Stage 2

The Tough Possessor possessing three suits of armor.

Now the Tough Possessor will split into three. Repeat the steps from Stage 1. The Tough Possessor will unleash two lightbeams during his charge.

Stage 3

The Tough Possessor possessing the giant suit of armor.

The Tough Possessor will split into four. They will fly out of the room and come back in an enormous suit of armor that will try to stomp Luigi and hit Luigi with his sword. Debris will fall from the ceiling and hit Luigi as well.  Luigi must make both feet land onto a rug, and then pull up both rugs one at a time. The armor will come crashing down, and the four Possessors will become one for Luigi to suck up. The Tough Possessor's charge now unleashes 3 energy beams. After his defeat, the Tough Possessor is captured.


Professor E. Gadd tries to teleport Luigi back to his bunker, but fails when King Boo interrupts the transmission, trapping Luigi in the paranormal dimension.

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