Torque is a Buzzy Beetle who has a wrench on his shell and it is said that it can fix anything. Also, he is one of Luigi's partners in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Before he met Luigi, Torque lived on Circuit Break Island as a mechanic of go-karts.

Luigi claims that he entered a contest on the island, where the winner would get a piece of the Marvelous Compass. He is paired with Torque and won the race. The true story is that at the beginning of the race, Luigi went in reverse and destroyed all the karts in the competition, making him the winner by default. Torque decides to go along with Luigi so the plumber would pay him back for the damage he caused. It is unknown if he was payed back.

Tattle Info

That's Luigi's pal, Torque. I hear he's like, a totally excellent mechanic. According to Mechanics Weekly, that tool on his back can basically do anything. He seems ticked off though. I wonder what happend?

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