Torkscrew is a boss that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is first seen where it ate a pillow and dug away. Mario and Luigi used the drill machine to make it spit it out but soon, it then eats Britta. Mario and Luigi then engauge Torkscrew in battle.


Torkscrew is a strange, mole-like monster that has a drill on its head. It also has large teeth and claws.


In battle, Torkscrew mainly attacks with:

  • Drill Spin: Torkscrew will dig underground and will drill into either Mario or Luigi. Then, the other bro must chase that bro will collecting the lost coins and avoiding the objects that Torkscrew tosses.
  • Drill Dive: Torkscrew will jump up high and attempt to dive down at either Mario or Luigi. One of them must hammer it back to avoid this attack.
  • Team Attack: Other enemies will go after one bro while Torkscrew goes after the other. Mario or Luigi must jump at the time to avoid damage.


Torkscrew is a heavy hitter so it is recommened to use Bros. Attacks in this fight. Remember that the drill on Torkscrew's head acts like a spike so jump-based attacks are useless. 3D Red Shell and 3D Green Shell are the best attacks to use in this fight. Fire Flower is also recommended because it can deal high amounts of damage to Torkscrew.


Location Level HP Power Defense Speed
Dozing Sands 13 656 101 97 34
Weakness Experience Coins Item Drop(s) No Hitter World
-- 500 250 (100%) Coin Boots (100%) -- Real
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