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Oh no! It's taking the flowers!
Cappy is worried about the Torkdrift's actions.
Torkdrift is an UFO-like enemy in the game Super Mario Odyssey. It appears as the final boss in the Wooded Kingdom. It resembles a spindrift.

After making his way into the secret flower field where it is fought, Mario must initiate battle by smashing Torkdrift's glass dome with uproots.


In order to damage Torkdrift, Mario must capture an Uproot and use its stretching ability to destroy the brick blocks that are anchoring the boss midair and hit its glass dome. This process must be done three times in order to defeat the boss.

During the fight, Torkdrift utilizes various laser attacks in order to damage Mario. The first is a short burst that creates a fiery puddle while the second is a vertical laser that creates electrical shock-waves, which can be jumped over with the Uproot.

After being damaged three times, Torkdrift will be flung in the air before exploding, thus granting Mario a Multi Moon.

Torkdrift is fought again in the Mushroom Kingdom where the entire boss fight is slightly altered. The arena that Torkdrift is fought in is now surrounded by pulse beams, which create more shockwaves.


  • Torkdrift earned his name from Spindrift and the instant access to maximum torque that machines powered by electricity can use.
  • You can actually stand on top of Torkdrift's dome before the battle starts, or after you destroy his shield generators. Then, spin your hat on the spine at the top to get a heart.
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