Toodles is a rich Toad who lives in Poshley Heights in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


She likes to keep herself healthy by wearing fur dresses and luxurious jewelry. Toodles is said to be a gold digger, using her attractiveness to leech off men's wealth. When Toodles was standing in front of the lobby in Glitz Pit, she was looking for the champion to flirt with him. It was apparently Mario whom she didn't flirt with, despite what she was waiting to do.

Toodles is met again on the Excess Express where she wants to go home from Glitzville to Poshley Heights. Toodles lost her Gold Ring from the three-day trip and Mario was going to return it to Toodles until he figured that the Smorg had attacked the Excess Express and sucked up all of the passengers including Toodles. Mario and co. eventually saved the passengers of the express, allowing them to arrive to their locations safely.

Toodles is known to be friends with Jolene, the manager of the Glitz Pit. Toodles had asked if Mario would get back the Wrestling Mag that she loaned to her friend, Jolene.

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