"Why, could it be that Bowser, the great Koopa King, has fallen into my cannon?!? Nyeck! How amusing!"
― Tolstar

Tolstar, (called ホッスィー Hosswī in Japan), is a boss appearing in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Upon entrance into the Beanbean Kingdom, Mario and Luigi are stopped by Tolstar to pay a fee of one hundred Beanbean Coins in order to advance to Hoohoo Village. However, Tolstar notices that the coins the Mario brothers have obtained are coins which had come from the Mushroom Kingdom, so he does not accept them, and sends Mario and Luigi away to collect the money needed to pay the toll. Tolstar also agrees on letting Bowser out of the cannon where he is imprisoned in if the fee is paid. When the amount of coins is given to Tolstar, he refuses to free Bowser, initiating a battle.

When Tolstar was defeated, he allowed the brothers to pass. After navigating through the cave between the valley and the village, Tolstar tells the Hoohoo guards that the brothers did not imprison the missing Prince Peasley.


Mario and Luigi battling Tolstar.

When Mario and Luigi battle Tolstar, he attacks with coughing out spiked balls and then throws them. He indicates which bro. he is to attack, depending on which hand he uses. When Tolstar laughs before throwing the spiked ball, the spiked ball simply bounces over the brothers, meaning they shouldn't jump. The bros. can attack him in any way of the sort. When he is defeated, he drops a 1-up Mushroom.