"The Princess was captured by Master Mario, uh, I mean someone else!"
― Toadsworth, Super Mario Sunshine]

Toadsworth (キノじい, Kinojii in Japanese), voiced by the late Ichiro Nagai in Japanese version and Scott Burns in English version, is a recurring character in the Mario series, commonly known for his affinity of priceless gems and jewels and orbs and rare/unique artifacts. He is an elderly Toad and Princess Peach's longtime steward, first appearing in Super Mario Sunshine, where he comes along with Princess Peach and Mario to Isle Delfino. He is always worried about the princess and takes care of the Toads. It's pretty clear Toadsworth replaced the Chancellor from Super Mario RPG.


Toadsworth is a very elderly Toad. He is very protective of the Toads and is very kind (except when the Toads are in danger). Also, Toadsworth is shown to care very deeply for Princess Peach and protects her as if she were his very own daughter. Whenever Peach is captured (which, given Bowser's track record, happens a lot), Toadsworth gets very upset and usually blames himself or Mario and Luigi for not protecting her at the time. In Super Princess Peach, Toadsworth was originally hesitant to let Peach go to save Mario, out of fear for her safety. Toadsworth is known for addressing many other characters with the "Master" honorific due to his polite nature. Although kind overall, he does have his limits, as after the Shroob threat was over, he privately admits he's glad that his younger counterpart will be off his back, although denies claiming that when Toadsworth the Younger expresses suspicion of his true feelings toward him.

Relaonship to Peach

There is much confusion in the Mario Fandom surrounding Peach and Toadsworth's relationship. It is said on the official site for Super Mario Sunshine that he is Peach's father, which would make him Mushroom King.[citation needed] The page for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time also says this. Nevertheless, it has been stated in games and game booklets that Toadsworth is Peach's attaché and thus is subordinate to her. Additionally, in Mario Superstar Baseball, when naming all of the players on Peach's team, Lakitu says "And... your grandpa?! Oh, pardon me! Venerable Toadsworth!" While not made entirely clear, Lakitu may have at first been mistaken, but then corrected himself. Peach also addresses him as "Toadsworth" (not as "father" or "grandfather") in Super Mario Sunshine. Regardless of his position, he cares deeply for the Princess, very much in a fatherly manner, and has taken care of her since she was a baby, much like Kamek and Bowser's relationship.


Super Mario Sunshine

Toadsworth makes his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine where he accompanied Mario, Princess Peach, and a bunch of Toads to Isle Delfino for a vacation. While traveling there, he can be seen day dreaming about the relaxation that he can get at the island as well as about the roller coaster at Pinna Park that he is tempted to ride on, resulting in his ignoring Peach when she attempts to warn him of seeing a doppelganger of Mario in the background of the tour video for the island. However, upon arriving on the island's airstrip, he and the other vacationers find the small island covered with graffiti thanks to the mysterious fiend known as Shadow Mario (who eventually frames Mario of ruining the island). After cleaning Delfino Airstrip, Mario and the group are taken to a courthouse on the mainland, where Mario is put on trial for vandalizing Isle Delfino. The prosecutor explains that someone who looks like Mario covered the island with graffiti, and that he is to blame. Peach and Toadsworth attempt to object, but are overruled, and Mario is found guilty. He is then forced to clean the island, as well as find all the Shine Sprites. At first he simply accompanies the Princess around the island. After she is kidnapped by Shadow Mario, he can be found fretting and worrying in various locations. After she is rescued he and the other heroes can be seen finally enjoying the facilities at Isle Delfino as originally planned in the ending credits. He then returned with the rest of the vacationers to the Mushroom Kingdom.

New Super Mario Bros.

Toadsworth replaces Toad as the host of Toad Houses in New Super Mario Bros.. He can give out items to Mario or Luigi if they complete his mini-games. Some of the Toad Houses also give out extra lives to the Mario Bros. by having them play a card match up game. However, most of these houses require Mario (or Luigi) to pay 5 Star Coins in order to enter.

In the opening cutscene, multiple models of Toadsworth are used to create the illusion of Toads running around in a panic once the thundercloud strikes Peach's Castle.

Other Appearances

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Toadsworth makes a cameo in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! whenever a player wins a cup; he drives the Parade Kart that takes them to their Trophy. He can also be seen in the audience of Waluigi Stadium alongside a green Toad with a blue vest, a Hammer Bro, a red Shy Guy, and a Boo.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

While Toadsworth himself does not make an appearance in the arcade exclusive Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, he does receive a notable cameo in the Trick House section of the Yoshi Park 2 course where large paper cut out figures of him as well as Toad and Toadette (done in the artwork style of the Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story games) can be seen near the entrance.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Toadsworth makes a brief appearance in the beginning of the game where he presents Mario and Luigi with a Suitcase. Later he comes to the Beanbean Kingdom himself (along with Princess Peach). After a while, he spends his time with Peach in the Mushroom Embassy.

Mario Power Tennis

Toadsworth makes another cameo appearance as the umpire in Mario Power Tennis, where he sits on a high chair and watches characters play. He reminds "not to respond a serve before it bounced once", whenever it is done. He also appears in the opening, sponsoring the tournament match between Mario and Luigi vs Yoshi and Donkey Kong before Wario and Waluigi interfered with it. He can later be seen in the ending of the intro alongside Peach before Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser all began to attack the stadium.

Mario Baseball series

 The Mario Baseball series is Toadsworth's first (and so far only) playable appearance. Toadsworth is a playable character in both Mario Superstar Baseball and its sequel, Mario Super Sluggers. He is on Princess Peach's team, the "Peach Monarchs". Throughout the two games, he uses a larger version of his cane as his bat, unlike the other playable Toad characters who use regular baseball bats. He is a very skillful fielder in both games and has a great pitch, but he doesn't hit for power, doesn't run fast, and has low stamina. Despite his good pitching stats, Toadsworth's pitches tend to move slower than what most Toads can pull off.

In the story mode of Mario Super Sluggers, Toadsworth frequently worried about Peach's kidnapping and he constantly reminds the player to rescue her. He is first seen near a fountain that is later secured by the statue of Princess Daisy. He watches over the statue, but eventually joins the team when Peach has been rescued and helped Mairo and his crew beat Bowser. Toadsworth has good chemistry with Peach, Toad, Toadette, Baby Peach, and Pianta, while he has bad chemistry with Goomba, Paragoomba, and Bowser.                              .

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Toadsworth accompanies Princess Peach on her trip to Rogueport during Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He keeps Princess Peach very close to him, but ends up losing her. When Mario comes to Rogueport he meets a frantic Toadsworth who is incredibly worried about the missing Princess. Mario assures Toadsworth that he will save her, and Toadsworth spends the remainder of the game in Rogueport's Inn.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

The younger Toadsworth.

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, he is with Mario and Luigi when Princess Peach takes an experimental trip back in time with Professor E. Gadd's time machine, and is paranoid that something terrible will happen. His fears later become justified, as when the time machine returns a Shroob is in it. Before that, however, he promptly faints, and requires a Refreshroom to revive him. He is still confused when he wakes up and accidentally pushes Mario and Luigi into a time hole. He later teams up with his younger self to teach the Bros. new moves and keep Baby Peach entertained while she stays in the future. He is last seen in the game when he, Mario, Luigi and Peach bid his younger self and the babies goodbye who are going back to their time.

Mario Party 7

Toadsworth appears in Mario Party 7 as the main host of the boards.


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