"Well, that's a sure way to end a meeting."
― Toadbert

Toadbert is a character that mainly appears the Mario & Luigi series. He is a blue Toad that wears glasses. His eyes are never seen.


Toadbert is a member of the Blue Toad Tribe. Toadbert is very knowledgeable. He often likes to calculate problems and help Mario solve them.


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Toadbert, amnesiac, is found deep in Yoob's stomach in the past right before Mario, Luigi, and their young counterparts encounter its controller, Sunnycide. Toadbert studies Yoshi Eggs. He meets the group, and hands them a drawing of Peach and Princess Shroob. Toadbert was seen in the area with purple Yoshi Eggs. He entered the room with both Marios and Luigis, being knocked over by . The Marios and Luigis defeated him, and saved Toadbert. When Sunnycide knocked him over, he regained his memory and ran off, scared of what he remembers. Both Marios and Luigis, Toadbert, and all the Yoshis escaped through the bottom. At Star Hill, the crew meets up with him and Kylie Koopa. As Toadbert is about to reveal his memory, Elder Shrooboid intercepts and turns him and Kylie into a Shroob Mushroom. Once the team beats Elder Princess Shroob once and for all, it is found out that water harms the Shroobs, including the Shroob Mushrooms, so Professor Elvin Gadd uses his water spray machine to turn Toadbert and Kylie back into theirselves.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Toadbert reappears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. He is seen from time to time, helping Mario and Luigi around with new moves. Toadbert and Starlow help the brothers learn to dig underground via hammers. Like in the game's predecessor, he uses his catch phrase, "by boogity". Toadbert was eaten by Bowser along with many others. He hangs around the infoshop area in Toad Square in the Bowser's body.


  • While Toadbert hasn't appeared in the 3D Mario games, the Blue Toad from the Toad Brigade appears very similar to Toadbert as seen by his similar characteristics with the character: being also a blue capped Toad, is intelligent, wears glasses and as well as the fact that he had helped Mario and Luigi on their adventures by giving them hints and knowing a lot of information.
  • Toadbert also shares similarities with Russ T., a Toad from Paper Mario.
  • Oddly, Toadbert's counterpart Toadiko does not make an appearance in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.