Toad Town Tunnels is a location that appears in Paper Mario. It can be accessed by taking the Warp Pipe near the Bub-ulb of south Toad Town.


Toad Town Tunnels isn't necessary to visit that much for the storyline (except toward the end of the game) but does play a big role in reaching areas quick to make doing Koopa Koot's favors much easier. In one room, there are three blue Warp Pipes where Mario and is partner must fight a type of Blooper in order to open. The blue Warp Pipes in the highest room leads to Goomba Village, Koopa Village, and Dry Dry Outpost. There are other blue Warp Pipes that leads to Boo's Mansion and Lavalava Island, but Sushie must to available since her ability is needed.

There are also several Power Blocks that Mario can use to help power up his partners. Also, when Kent C. Koopa is blocking the path. Mario can actually take one of the blue Warp Pipes to go directly to Koopa Village to avoid paying Kent C. Koopa or fighting him altogether. However, Mario will miss out on Star Points if he does this. It is also assumed that Kolorado took the blue Warp Pipe to get past Kent C. Koopa. Chet Rippo can also be found living down here and Mario can use Bombette's ability to get into his secret room. This will also unlock the blue house close by Trace T.'s house so that Mario can access Chet Rippo at any time.

Mario must then actually go through Toad Town Tunnels to do two things: get the Ultra Boots and access the Warp Pipe that leads to the Shiver Region (Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on Ice). Mario can get to the Ultra Boots by using Lakilester's ability to get to a Warp Pipe that is on the other side of a bed of spikes. Several enemies, such as Gloombas and Dark Koopas, inhabit these tunnels.