Toad Town Dojo (commonly shortened to The Dojo) is a location that appears in Paper Mario. It can be found on top of the stairs on the first area of Toad Town and is accessible once Mario completes Chapter 1.


Toad Town Dojo itself is optional and visiting it doesn't affect the main storyline but Mario can visit here anyway. Here, The Master accepts Mario to his dojo and asks him to fight his students, Lee and Chan, first. Mario does so and soon finds himself fighting The Master himself. Mario must face and defeat him three times to earn the Diploma.


  • If Mario's HP drops to zero during any one of the fights, instead of a Game Over, the screen goes back to Toad Town Dojo with Mario only having 1 HP.
  • Even though the only people seen in Toad Town Dojo are The Master, Lee, and Chan, sounds of other characters fighting can be heard in the background.
  • A Toad sent a letter to Mario saying he was training at The Dojo to become stronger and even fight Bowser someday.