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Toad Road is the first board in story mode in Mario Party 9. The player will go up against Shy Guy and two other characters. If Shy Guy wins he takes all the mini stars back to Bowser and forces the player to start the board again. The two bosses the player faces here are Lakitu at the fort and Wiggler beyond the Bowser Gate. Their battles are pretty easy in comparison to the others but still a challenge. After completing this board the player can move on to Bob-omb Factory. This is a board that is playable from the start through party mode.


Type of space Number of spaces
1-Vs-Rivals Space 4
Back Space 2
Battle Space 5
Boss Battle Space 2
Bowser Space 6
Bowser Jr. Space 2
Captain Event Space 1
Dash Space 6
Dice Block Space 23
Event Space 5
Free-for-All Space 7
Green Space 38
Lucky Space 16
Spin Space 4
Shuffle Space 5
Unlucky Space 9
Total 135


  • The broken bridge is the map-exclusive content of this map (between 41 and 42). Four players must roll a Dice Block and get a total of 16 or more and the captain is allowed to use the 1-10 Dice Block. If you can't pass it, you need to go the path 2.
  • Between 60 and 61, if Bowser don't do anything, path 1-J, 62 and 63 will be Shuffle Spaces and path 1-L, path 2-L will be Spin Spaces.
  • Two mountains are shaped like M and P and 9 is the ground standing for "Mario Party 9".