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Toad's Midway Madness is a board appearing in Mario Party 4. The board is hosted by Toad, where he is in charge of the stores and the events that appear on this board.


  • Tea Cup Ride - A couple of sections of the board contains a set of tea cups that the characters can ride. The tea cups will take a character to a certain path depending on the direction of the area at the top of the ride. Once a character reaches a certain path, the arrow will switch to the opposite direction. The characters can alter the direction of the arrow by landing on a happening space.
  • Roller Coaster Ride - At the center of the board, a set of roller coaster tracks are present. The characters can talk to Toad at the booth with a blue star on the right hand side of the board. If a character chooses to ride the roller coaster, then they will hop into a car and be transported to the opposite side of the board. They also have a chance to collect coins on the way. The roller coaster can also be activated by landing on the happening spaces located on the tracks. If a character is in the path of the roller coaster cart, they will be chased back by the Lottery Shop.

? Spaces

  • Tea Cup Direction Changer - Near both of the tea cup rides, a happening space can be seen on one of the paths. If a character lands on one of these happening spaces, the arrow on the tea cups will change directions.
  • Roller Coaster Activator - If a character lands on the happening spaces situated on the roller coaster track, they will be chased to the Lottery Shop by a loose roller coaster cart.

Mini mini-games

On each board map in Mario Party 4, there are two sets of mini-games that a character can access with the use of a Mini Mushroom. The mini-games cannot be played if the character is normal or giant size.

  • Merry Go-Round Game - If the characters decide to participate in this mini-game, they will hop onto a miniature horse and have a chance to win an item.
  • Rocket Game - If a character decides to the shortcut near the Lottery Shop, they have a shot to play the rocket game. The rocket game involves picking a rocket, which then launches and gives the characters a chance to win a certain amount of coins.