Toad's Factory is the final course in the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart Wii. Toad's Factory is harder than the previous Mushroom Cup courses, due to many features such as conveyor belts that may increase of decrease the Karts' speed, hydraulic machines that will flatten any karts that come under it while stamping, and bulldozers that will cover and show dash panels.


MKW Toad's Factory 2

Inside the factory.

Players start outside the factory, then proceed inside, where there are conveyor belts with stamping machines over them. When the player continues, they will come across conveyor belts going left or right with boxes on them. When boxes are hit, they will produce a mushroom, a banana, or rarely, a star. Towards the end, there is a pool of mud with dash panels on the side, tractors will move back and forth, covering and opening the dash panels.


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