""He constructed! Nobody constructed me! I'm Tippi!”"
― Tiptron

Tiptron is a robotic pixl in Super Paper Mario.


Tiptron looks similar to Tippi in appearance. Tiptron has all the knowledge of enemies and characters and the layout of the game as Tippi does, and will help Mario whenever he needs help.


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After the game's storyline is complete and Tippi has left Mario's party, Mario cannot use Tippi's abilities any longer. So, he sets out on finding Tippi, however, there is no trace of Lord Blumiere or Lady Timpani in the many dimensions. Mario can visit Fort Francis and find its owner in his room, messing with new technology he has been working on. Mario finds Tiptron here, and Francis does not want to part with it, however, for a steep price of 999 coins, he will sell it to Mario.

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