Tiny, also known as Shrink, is a reoccurring status ailment that appears throughout the series.


Paper Mario series

In Paper Mario, Tiny can happen in a certain amount of ways. Mario can shrink enemies using the Shrink Stomp badge. Certain enemies such as Bzzap!s and Hammer Bros can cause this ailment sometimes as well. When Tiny, Mario's or the foe's attack power is lowered. This ailment can be cured by certain items.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Tiny returns but now, Mario's attack power is dropped by two making it a rather troublesome ailment. The Shrink Stomp badge returns in this game as a way for Mario to shrink enemies. Yoshi can use his Mini-Egg technique to shrink enemies as well. The Mini Mr. Mini serves the purpose of shrinking enemies as well.

In Super Paper Mario, Tiny appears as a form of field move by using the Pixl Dottie. This can be used to access small doors.

This status effect reappears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (known as Mini in this game) replacing the Poison status effect from past Mario & Luigi games. The enemies that cause this effect are Spritzblooms, Viruses, Krubbishes, and Antasmen. This effect once again deals less damage to enemies and can be cured with a Refreshing Herb.

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