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Time To Shine is a Rhythm minigame in Super Mario Party.


The players pose with their right arm in the sky. The metronome ticks and the red arrow points upwards.


Mario's fingers up dance pose shown in the panel.

In this minigame, a player onstage will strike different dance poses and the other four players must copy their moves to earn points.

Swing the Joy-Con to mimic the onstage character dance move. Different delays are registered on how points are added such as: "Early", "Late", "Nice!", and "Perfect!". The points are then registered shown on-screen when the foreground players icon are shown in one of the panels in the background, with the dance pose they have performed. This only occurs if the delays are either "Nice!" or "Perfect!" "Late" and Early" delays are not counted. 

Model character

  • Waluigi is the default model character standing on the stage.
  • If Waluigi is one of the players, Luigi replaces Waluigi.
  • If Waluigi and Luigi are one of the players, Peach replaces Luigi.
  • If Waluigi, Luigi and Peach are one of the players, Daisy replaces Peach.
  • If Waluigi, Luigi, Peach and Daisy are the players, Rosalina replaces Daisy.


The winner does their victory pose while other players sulk.


  • pose- Hold Joy-Con (L) and Match the Pose Shown

In-game description

  • "Match poses to the rhythm!"
  • "Don't forget to match your final string of poses to the beat!"
  • Tips: "Pose with the same movement and timing as the model!"

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