Tidal Wave is a special move used by Sushie in the game Paper Mario. It can be used once Sushie reaches the Ultra Rank and it requires 6 FP to use.


To use Tidal Wave, the player must press the buttons that is shown on the screen which could either be the N64 A button, the N64 B button, or the N64 Cdown button. After a while, Sushie will fly around on the screen and attack all enemies for high damage. This move is very useful against fire enemies such as the Lava Piranha during the second phase.


  • Sushie's Tidal Wave works in a similar fashion to Parakarry's Air Raid move.
  • Tidal Wave is the only move in Paper Mario that makes use of one of the C-Buttons.
  • On the N64 version, if 14 inputs are correctly input, the game will crash. On Virtual Console, the game doesn't crash and will block additional inputs, however doing so will cause a glitch where one of the input prompts will appear on the HUD.

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