Thwomp Ruins is a course that appears in Mario Kart 8. It is the final course of the Mushroom Cup (4th overall).


After crossing the starting line, there are plenty of item boxes to collect before two sharp left turns. Right after the left turns, there is a right turn and your driver enters a dark temple, possibly the Thwomp Ruins themselves. During this sequence, you can choose to go on the anti-gravity segment on the right (on which there are several boost pads), or you can take a sharp left turn towards a rolling boulder.

After collecting more item boxes, you exit the temple and find the boulder rolling into a water path. This outside segment has many paths. To the left and right, there are anti-gravity segments each with one boost pad. If you stay to the middle, there is a gliding section in which you have to dodge a Thwomp. You can also ignore the anti-gravity and the gliding by just going straight underwater.

After this, you enter another temple and an anti-gravity section begins. You have to take a sharp left turn here and before long, you are outside again. There are more item boxes to collect right before you have to dodge two giant Thwomps. In this section, you can use a Mushroom to go on a trick ramp to the left. After dodging the Thwomps, you go on a gliding ramp, ending the anti-gravity segment. You then land on a trick ramp and cross the finish line.


Name Country Game Time Character Body Tires Glider
Nin★Sophia Germany Mario Kart 8 2:11.157 Donkey Kong Varmint Monster Super Glider


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