Thwomp Pull is a mini-game in Mario Party 3.


The characters are competing in a sled race across a snowy path where they are pulled by Thwomps. One character is on a sled and is pulled by a single Thwomp, while the remaining three other characters are on another sled controlled by three Thwomps. In order for the Thwomps to pull the sleds, the characters must push a series of buttons in the order they appear on the screen. The three characters on the sled must pay attention to the command prompts as they must control their own Thwomp. If a character presses a wrong button, the Thwomp will not move. If a character hits a button at the same time as another character, then the Thwomps will only budge a little.

The sled that crosses the finish line first, wins the mini-game.


For all players

  • A Button/B Button/Z Button - Move Thwomp