Thwomp Desert is a Battle Stage in Mario Kart Wii. The course is desert-themed, noticing that it is in the middle of a desert. The stage is a circle with walls surrounding it and cacti covering some of the wall as well. If the cacti is touched, the character will slip out. The battle stage is a quicksand pit, the center of the stage causing the player sink. The center of the pit also has a Thwomp which will slam down into the center and create waves in the quicksand. There are also ruins of old Thwomps which can be used as ramps to do tricks.

This stage appeared in a tournament on Mario Kart Channel. Players had to battle a Pokey, found in the middle of the stage. Bob-ombs was the item used to destroy it. When fighting it and throwing Bob-ombs at it, parts of the Pokey's body would move around. This competition was the first one of October 2008, and it reappeared as the second competition of September 2009.

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