Totem Thwack

A Thwack Totem is a sub-species of Thwack found in the Thwomp Caverns inside the Thwomp Volcano, in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. A Thwack Totem is created when several Thwacks decide to merge into one being. Each individual Thwack will hop on top of another, building a Thwack Totem that sprouts two arms and two legs. Thwack Totems can only be battled by the Baby Mario Bros.

In battle, a Thwack Totem attacks by dispatching its individual Thwack segments to attack the Baby Mario Bros. First, a Thwack Totem may launch itself in the air with rocket boosters, then break apart into individual Thwacks. Each Thwack would then fall to the ground, creating seismic waves that the Baby Mario Bros. must avoid by jumping. As with individual Thwacks, the color of a Thwack matches the color of the Baby Mario Brother it will attack. A Thwack Totem may also perform a spin attack. As the totem spins, individual Thwacks fly off and would be sent flying into a brother. These Thwacks can be blocked with a Hammer.


  • HP - 110 (146)
  • POW - 83 (120)
  • DEF - 64
  • Speed - 90
  • EXP - 60
  • Coins - 10 (30)


  • If the Baby Bros. don't do at least 56 damage to Thwack Totems before they form up on the first strike, Thwack Totems will not be damaged by first strike attacks by the Baby Mario Bros., even though a damage amount is displayed.
  • If the babies both have higher Speed than a Thwack Totem after both babies finish attacking it, the baby with the highest speed will get a bonus turn before the Thwack Totem attacks.


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