Thunder Bros. is a Bros. Attack used by Mario and Luigi in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The move costs six BP on Modes 1 and 2, and four BP on Mode 3.


Luigi is the one who learns this attack. He will start a ball of electricity using his Thunderhand. When fully charged, pressing the GBA B.png results in Luigi jumping on Mario. At this time, another press on GBA B.png will send Luigi flying into the air, and one more press on GBA B.png will allow Luigi to cast a thunderbolt below him, causing all enemies on the ground some damage. The attack, if performed correctly, always lowers the enemies' defense. The attack can also hit airborne enemies if the second command failed.

Once the attack has been successfully executed eighteen times, the Advanced version is learned. With the Advanced version, Luigi can damage only one enemy with more damage. To execute it, the player should press GBA B.png after the initial charge. Before Luigi lands on Mario, pressing GBA A.png will make Mario step backwards, followed by another press on GBA A.png to pound Luigi into the ground, and GBA B.png again when Luigi's underneath his target. He'll attack with an electrifying uppercut that can even hit airborne enemies. The Advanced version, when performed correctly, will also lower the enemy's attack power.

In the remake, an Action Command is taken out of Advance/Super Thunder Bros. The player no longer needs to press GBA A.png to make Mario step backwards.