"With me at your side, one may grasp objects with great vigor! Simply press Wiimote 1 to use my throwing ability!"
― Thoreau, Yold Desert

Thoreau[1] is one of the many pixls that follows and aids Mario in his quest to recover the Pure Hearts in Super Paper Mario. Thoreau is only the second pixl that Mario finds, and allows the heroes to pick up and throw enemies and other objects.


Thoreau is a Pixl. His appearance resembles a hand, which he is used to grab objects.


Thoreau can first be found in Chapter 1-2 of the Yold Desert, where he is found in a secret room in the Yold Town. Thoreau claims that he was made by the ancients and that he was locked in the treasure chest over 1500 years ago. He does not recognize Tippi when they first meet. After he is obtained the mayor, Old Man Watchitt will let Mario pass to the Yold Desert. Thoreau is vital for defeating Buzzy Beetles, Bald Clefts, and Fracktail.

Thoreau's grab ability can be used at any time by pressing the Wiimote 1 on the Wii Remote. Doing so will allow Mario to grab enemies and hold them until he wants to throw them.


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