Thief Wario is a transformation of Wario that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. This form can be used after Wario gets the Thief Disguise from Goodstyle. Thief Wario serves as Wario's default form in the game and refers to himself as the Purple Wind. To use Thief Wario, the player must draw a check mark on Wario.


Physical description

Thief Wario mainly wears Wario's default clothes except now he wears a purple bandana around his head with a feather on top.

Powers and abilities

As Thief Wario, Wario is able to run faster and jump higher than his other forms making it his main go-to form for navigating through levels and defeating enemies. He can also preform his trademark Shoulder Bash from the Wario Land series which the player can use by tapping on Wario. Thief Wario is often used to deal damage on bosses after exposing their weaknesses with his other disguises.

Although Thief Wario is his most agile form, he does suffer some weaknesses mainly the use of his Shoulder Bash. Unlike in the Wario Land games where he can use the Shoulder Bash to not only go through enemies but, after picking up speed, go through objects with ease. In this game, the Shoulder Bash cannot be used while running and instead by having Wario stay still and then tapping on him to use the attack. This makes it a rather poor attack to use due to the short range and the fact he stays in place to use it making him open to other enemy attacks.


  • Wario as Thief Wario (or the Purple Wind) often says "Silent but deadly" as his catchphrase.
  • Thief Wario is the only disguise in the game that doesn't have a mastery gem.
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